Valor Legends Eternity Tier List & Reroll Guide

If you’re looking for a comprehensive Valor Legends Eternity tier list, below you’ll find all the units currently released in the game, ranked. We’ve listed all of them based on their tier, but we’ve also made a Valor Legends Eternity reroll guide to give you a way to pull the best units when starting out.

If you’re new to the game and don’t know which Valor Legends Eternity character is best for you, we are here to help. This Valor Legends Eternity tier list organizes in perfect order who the best characters are currently in the game.

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Now, without any further delay, let’s get into our Valor Legends Eternity tier list and the updated Valor Legends Eternity reroll guide.

New Valor Legends Eternity Tier List

Units that are listed in the S tier are the very best Valor Legends Eternity characters and are quickly followed by the A+ tier. The A tier ones are good in certain situations, but aren’t quite as great as the S tier ones.

  • Yulvyin → S tier
  • Oche → S Tier
  • Sinclair → S Tier
  • Felix → S Tier
  • Sellier → S Tier
  • Telwihr → S Tier
  • Olivia → S Tier
  • Margaret → S Tier
  • Suvere → A+ Tier
  • Ramiel → A+ Tier
  • Garr → A+ Tier
  • Lionel → A+ Tier
  • Eric→ A Tier
  • Cardelin → A Tier

This Valor Legends Eternity tier list, as you can see, has a lot to unpack. As soon as we are aware of any new changes, we will keep updating the list. Make sure you bookmark this page and often visit to keep track of the latest Valor Legends Eternity tier list.

Valor Legends Eternity Reroll Guide

What is Rerolling?

Rerolling is a frequent notion in several popular games, such as Valor Legends Eternity. It means making a new account and testing your luck with the generous early freebies in order to gain the characters you wish to play as without having to invest actual money. It is less expensive than the other options available.

Should you Reroll in Valor Legends Eternity?

The benefit of rerolling in Valor Legends Eternity is obvious: you can try as many times as you want to get the characters you want right away, without having to pay for it.

How to perform Valor Legends Eternity Reroll?

  • Launch the game and select a server.
  • Tap the screen and hit the ‘Skip‘ button to bypass the cutscene.
  • Clear the first three tutorial battles and claim the idle rewards.
  • Tap and hold the screen, then press ‘Skip‘ when it appears in the top-right.
  • Level up your heroes and clear stage 1-10.
  • Claim any available free Gems and Summon Books from the Vault, Starter Gift, task list, and Mail menus.
  • Redeem any Valor Legends codes for more gems.
  • Enter the ‘Mainland‘ screen.
  • Use your gems and summon books in the summoning menu. If the units aren’t to your liking, follow the next few steps. If they are, move on to the final.
  • Tap your profile picture in the top-left.
  • Hit the ‘Account‘ button (it’s the first on the row).
  • Tap ‘Switch Account,’ then ‘Guest‘.
  • Tap the server select button and choose a new server or slot.
  • Use the Account menu to bind your account to your email or social platforms.

And there you have it, that’s our Valor Legends Eternity tier list with the updated Valor Legends Eternity reroll guide. If you’re looking for more tier list, please sure you bookmark us for more such gaming updates and gift codes.

Valor Legends Eternity Game Features

Century Games has just released Valor Legends: Eternity, a completely new strategic idle game. The game is now available worldwide on both Android and iOS platforms.

Players will embark on an epic adventure in the Oasis to face the Shadow forces in Valor Legends: Eternity. Moreover, unique heroes can be collected to aid players in their quest to retake the Oasis.

Hundreds of high-quality rendered 3D hero models, each belonging to a separate side and possessing unique skills, will be available to players in Valor Legends: Eternity. Players will also be able to reset those heroes in order to reclaim all previously utilized materials at no cost. Furthermore, users can progress in the game even while they are not playing. Other noteworthy features include intense real-time fights, a plethora of methods to employ during these encounters, and a plethora of content for thrilling excursions and challenges.

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