Star Jelly Farming Ideas in Cookie Run Kingdom: Best advice for Star Jelly?

Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom are incredibly sought after as they’re the only item that allows players to upgrade their Cookie friends. This is the reason we bring you this Star Jelly Farming Ideas in Cookie Run Kingdom that will help you answer a frequently asked question of how to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Because of additional mechanics added over time and a near-endless advancement mechanism that continues to feel rewarding, the game is actually far more complex.

The game’s current upgrading system is based on the number of Star Jelly a player owns. There are several ways you can get your hands on Star Jelly. So, in this guide, we will show you how to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Star Jelly Farming Ideas in Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are several ways to obtain Star Jelly. It can be obtained through a variety of free bonuses, quest accomplishment, your Cookie House, and in many other ways.

Claim Daily Gift

The Daily Gift is located in the game’s Gacha section of the game. You will be able to claim it once every 24 hours, and you will receive several free gifts, like Star Jelly.

Star Jelly Tree of Hopes and Dreams

A beautiful Star Jelly tree that one day suddenly appeared in the Cookie Kingdom. Beneath it, Star Jellies and presents keep appearing for everyone to enjoy. What kind of magic could be behind this? This mysterious tree can be obtained from the Kingdom Settler’s Supply Package.

Open Necessities Package

There’s also the free “Necessities” package, which gives you free jelly and crystals every time you open it. This can be discovered in the Shop area, so take it as soon as the opportunity arises, and chances are that you might get your hands on Star Jelly.

Buy Packages

This is one of the most preferred Star Jelly Farming Ideas in Cookie Run Kingdom if feasible. You must purchase packages in the game’s shop to obtain extra Star Jelly. One of the packages will also let you acquire more EXP Star Jelly at once is the Cookie Upgrade. As a  result, this will save you time that you would have spent grinding for these items otherwise.

Completing Story Levels

Completing storyline levels in the game is one of the most consistent answers to how to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom. You will be rewarded for completing each stage, which will include the jelly you are hunting for. If you are stuck on a stage, you can run earlier stages to get prizes, but they won’t be as generous as they were the first time.

Level Up Kingdom Pass

Another way to earn additional Star Jellies rapidly is to level up your Kingdom Pass. You will have the choice of upgrading for free or for a fee. While you can receive Star Jelly with any option, the premium version will undoubtedly give you a lot more Star Jelly at once.

Complete Quests

You can perform two types of plot quests, which can be found on the side of your screen. One is mainly on finishing game levels, while the other is about expanding your kingdom. Make sure to finish as many of these as you can, since you’ll get fantastic rewards and some Star Jelly as well.

Cookie Houses

Cookie Houses can also be used to aid in the production of the Star Jelly. You’ll be able to boost the amount of jelly produced by levelling up these buildings. Because you can only have a specific number of houses in your Kingdom at any given time, you’ll want to have as many as possible. This will let you obtain more Star Jellies in Cookie Run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cookie Run: Kingdom game about?

A heroic role-playing game in which you band up with GingerBrave and some well-known Cookie characters. You will create your own team and fight alongside some new and old faces Furthermore, In this beautiful fantasy adventure RPG, team up with your friends to unravel the mystery of the Kingdom’s past and battle the darkness that stands in the way of constructing your kingdom. To become the hero of the Cookie Kingdom, you need to play as a creative kingdom builder to achieve your dreams.

How many cookies are there in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

The game released with 37 Cookies, and there are currently 59 playable Cookies. A gameplay team can be comprised of up to 5 Cookies.

What is the rarest character in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

At the time, Ancient Cookies are the rarest in the game. You have a small chance of getting it in the game, but it’s a strong item worth pursuing.

Who is the strongest Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Espresso Cookie and Milk Cookie, the first cookie has the ability to cause massive damage to a large crowd. Milk Cookie, on the other hand, may not deal as much damage as Espresso Cookie, but they will come in handy when it comes to defending your squad.

How to download Cookie Run: Kingdom game?

The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Title – Cookie Run: Kingdom

Publisher – Devsisters

Genre – RPG

File Size – varies with device

Play StoreTap Here

iOS Store –  Tap Here

And there you have it, Star Jelly Farming Ideas in Cookie Run Kingdom along with how to get Star Jelly in Cookie Run Kingdom guide.

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