Rush Royale Best Cards & Best Decks 2021

Hey, gamers, welcome back to our website. Today we are bringing you this very special guide about the Rush Royale best cards list and Rush Royale best deck for PvP mode. Yes, you heard it right, I am listing down some popular Rush Royale best cards currently in the game.

Just so you know, I have been playing with these best Rush Royale cards for over a year now. As a result, I was able to reach more than 4000 trophies count with my best Rush Royale deck. This made me bring you this Rush Royale best cards list so that you can meet your trophy expectations as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, I’ve heard a lot of people say that having legendary cards is necessary to win games and progress rapidly in Rush Royale. I agree in part with the statement, but I do not believe it is necessary. That is why I decided to compile the most up-to-date list of the best Rush Royale cards in the game that aren’t required to be legendary.

Let’s get started with the best Rush Royale cards first, without further ado.

Rush Royale Best Cards

1.  Engineer – Epic Card

Engineer Rush Royale best cards

The Engineer is an Epic card and I positioned at the number one spot on the best Rush Royale cards list. However, the Engineer will not be available to anyone and only can be unlocked after you reach at least 900 trophies from the trophy road. According to my opinion, the engineer is the perfect DPS card in the game that you can use.

With a damage count of almost 180 and attack intervals of just around 0.65 seconds, this card is lethal. 

2. Bombardier – Common Card

Bombardier best rush royale cards

The Bombardier is the first common card in our Rush Royale best cards list. The card can be unlocked only after you cross 1650 trophies from the trophy road. Bombardier is indeed one of the best Rush Royale cards that can stun your opponent’s cards in the game. 

With a damage capacity of around 65 and an attack interval of just 0.73 seconds, this should be one of the first common cards in your Rush Royale best deck collection.

3. Plague Doctor – Epic Card

Plague Doctor rush royale best deck

So number three is the Plague Doctor in our Rush Royale best cards collection. It is obviously an Epic card in Rush Royale that can be unlocked after 1850 trophies.

With a trap damage count of around 155 and trap duration of 3 seconds, he is pretty good in PvP mode.

4. Sharpshooter – Rare Card

Sharp Shooter rush royale best deck

Sharpshooter is one of the Rush Royale best cards under the rare category that can only be unlocked after you reach 1750 trophies from trophy road. 

With damage points of around 199 and an attack interval of only 1 second, sharpshooter can do massive damage at max level. Sharpshooter can be used in both PvP and Coop modes.

5. Vampire – Epic Card

Vampire best rush Royale deck

The vampire comes under the epic card category in Rush Royale and can only be unlocked after Arena 5. Vampire bites the opponent’s cards and gives you mana. With a damage count of around 12 and an attack interval of just 1.3 seconds, this should be in your Rush Royale best deck.

This is my own collection of the best Rush Royale cards. You may experiment with them and build your own Rush Royale best deck collection.

Rush Royale Best Deck – Bonus Deck

I decided to make the best Rush Royale vampire deck without any high-end cards. This Rush Royale best deck is really powerful, and it will help you progress very easily in the game. 

Rush Royale vampire deck


First and foremost, I played engineer, but I was having problems keeping up with the damage from Boreas and other cards. I ended up switching engineer with zealot and having to come up with something new to play. I’ve observed that levelling up Zealot may sometimes be advantageous, since you do more damage overall than if you keep a little amount of mana. This card shines in the mid/late game when you already have a good deck set up and a lot of MANA on hand.

This allows you to expend some MANA while not exhaust the rest, allowing your zealots to deal more damage.

Plague Doctor:

One of the best Rush Royale card that can effectively do crowd control in the game. I try to have at least one on the board early in the game to clear groups of minions that walk through the poison. If you have two-stage 2 plague doctors or one stage 3 plague doctor, then that’s brilliant. The cards really shine at the start of round 2.


You should always have two level 1 vampires or one stage 2 vampire at the start of the game. Also, make sure you have at least one zealot before levelling up a vampire. The vampire has great mana acceleration, which accelerates up the deck and gives your Zealot more strength.

Just be careful when playing with this card or any other support troops. In some games, chances are that you will roll too many vampires and support units and lose in the first 20 seconds.


This is yet another card that I have conflicting opinions about, but I believe it deserves to be at the lower end of this list. The stun keeps enemies shocked in the plague doctor’s gas, giving you absolutely crazy crowd control. Furthermore, you can stun bosses, giving your early burst zealots more time to deal destruction. If your opponent is not playing any cards that stun/slow and both are at one heart, you will win.

This is because you got to stall the boss enough for their boss to reach their gate. During mid/late games, I look for either 2 stages 2 bombardiers or 1-2 stage 3 bombardiers.


This card generally gives me conflicting feelings. The armor destruction is incredible, but I would have replaced this card with another legendary that concentrated on damage. If you’re having trouble merging units, I generally simply want one of them at a stage 2 or stage 3 on the board.

Moreover, Chemist is pretty strong as it basically increases your damage by almost 50% at max level. You really only need 1 tier 2/tier 3 for it to do well.

This Rush Royale game is actually quite good, and it’s a lot of fun to play. It’s very hard, and I’ve been playing it constantly for months. The best Rush Royale cards along with incredibly amazing bosses, as well as game modes that allow co-op play with friends, are all fantastic.

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