Metal Slug Commander Tier List 2021 – Best characters

Our Metal Slug Commander Tier List 2021 features the tier rankings of all the latest Metal Slug Commander best characters. To take on strong opponents, you will only need four men iyour squad.

The initial step is to have offensive characters, few of tanks, and at least one healer to stand in front of the opponents in this action packed game. Read on to find out the best characters in this Metal Slug Commander Tier List.

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Metal Slug Commander Tier List

In this Metal Slug Commander Tier List, we have put characters in three major tier ranks. S – tier, A – tier, and B – tier of characters in Metal Slug Commander.

S – tier list showcases the characters that are the best ones with OP performance in any game mode, the A – tier list showcases the characters who have great potential (good to the best performance ratings) and can do well in most of the game modes, the B – tier list showcases the heroes that are good, but we don’t consider them the best in this Metal Slug Commander Tier List.

Metal Slug Commander Tier List: S – Tier Units

  • Fio Germi: Rush Unit
  • ATK: 83k
  • HP: 785k

Fio exhibits nearly childish naïveté and enthusiasm for a seasoned warrior. Her triumphant posture is a prime example. Aside with her tonfa and hatchet, she also scares opponents away. She is one of the game’s most renowned troops because of her ultimate AOE ability Lightning Judgement, which can deal with an entire squad of foes at once. The most remarkable aspect about Fio is that she is a fully independent character, able to attack on her own.

She would benefit immensely from a team-up with Hyakutaro, who can boost her damage output to insane heights. In this Metal Slug Commander Tier List, these two characters form the most deadly duo.

  • Beatriz’s: Special Unit
  • ATK: 58k
  • HP: 960k

Beatrix is another important member of your squad because she is the finest healer in the game. She also has an AOE healing skill called Halloween Gift, that may heal your entire party at the same time. What really distinguishes her from the other support characters is her ability to boost the healing benefits of other healers on your squad by 15%.

For example, if you had Beatriz and Midori on your squad, both of them will receive additional points for their healing benefits, which is quite beneficial.

Metal Slug Commander Tier List: A – Tier Units

  • SV-001: Assault Unit 
  • ATK: 53k
  • HP: 1458k

SV-001, a mostly tank vehicle that can also rush into the enemy’s front line without fear, SV-001 is another free yet extremely strong unit in this Metal Slug Commander Tier List. SV-001 explosive rockets may do considerable AOE damage to opponents.

You won’t need another tank in your team if you can keep it healed as it absorbs all the damage. If you continue to use his Tank Collision ability to deliver 245 percent damage to the first row of opponents, and watch the remainder of the battle go your way.

  • Growl: Assault Unit
  • HP: 1213k 
  • ATK: 69,500

Growl is a superior tank, although he isn’t as free as SV-001. He’s so powerful that he can burst past the enemy’s front line and attack their back lines, which makes him a real threat for the opponent. You’ll obviously need Beatriz on your squad to help him heal as much as possible. When you activate his Contest ability, which delivers 170 percent damage while remaining indestructible, he will not require her in most cases.

  • Hyakutaro: Special Unit
  • ATK: 73k
  • HP: 1009k

Hyakutaro is a living legend who disguises himself as a POW to aid the Rebel Army on the battlefield. He has the ability to channel a weird light energy from his palms and then release it in a blast. This is the final crucial character and one that can be considered in this Metal Slug Commander best characters list as a support unit. Hyakutaro isn’t particularly good on his alone, but with a team of powerful characters, his Energy Upgrade ability, which recharges other units, makes him absolutely indispensable.

This implies that if another unit performs their ultimate attack, Hyakutaro can recover their energy, allowing them to chain many ultimate attacks in a succession. This is an extremely valuable and unique talent, and it is one of the reasons Hyakutaro is one of the best troops in this Metal Slug Commander Tier List.

Metal Slug Commander Tier List: B – Tier Units

  • Schwarz: Rush Unit
  • ATK: 73k
  • HP: 1176k

Schwarz Metzelei, one of the four Metzeleis, was brought from another galaxy to Earth as part of Annette’s plan to assault the planet. Her very aggressive attitude combined with a voracious appetite might make her hazardous to her allies, as she has a habit of eating them by mistake while she is in a feeding frenzy.

If you’re searching for a different type of aggressive character that can boost your party’s attack power while still being successful on his own, Schwarz is the unit to go for. Her greatest talent Gluttony not only allows her to assault the opponent party’s front row fiercely, but also to inflict the immobilization condition effect, essentially stunning your opponents.

  • Jin: Rush Unit
  • HP: 925k 
  • ATK: 100,000

She was a samurai from the same town as Yoshino, and she ultimately departed on her own to train alone to become stronger. Jin is a strong attacking character with exceptional sword skills in Metal Slug Commander. Jin can act as a leading character as well as a tank, and her fighting capabilities are excellent enough to keep her in solo mode.

Her Prison Blade ability is a focused attack, but once she rushes forward and begins slicing, she severely damages any other opponent within her reach.

Metal Slug Commander Tier List

There you are with the latest Metal Slug Commander Tier List guide. Now let us take a look at some updated features of this game.

Metal Slug Commander Game Features

  • Reproduce vintage elements – Classic roles, classic situations, classic music, relive the works of earlier Metal Slug generations.
  • Two-line strategy battle – Rich character traits, intriguing formation tactics, and teamwork to become the strongest commander.
  • Extreme Mecha CollectionThe most powerful mecha may also be incorporated under your leadership in order to get super mechas and sweep all opponents away.
  • You are free to mix and match the lineupThe card level is shared, and you can simply try out different lineups.
  • Easy and simple way to playThe gameplay is simple and enjoyable; say goodbye to the liver burst and immerse yourself in the game’s sheer delight.

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