Heroes Quest Redeem Code 2021 – Get coins, packs and more

So today we will go through the most recent Heroes Quest redeem code list below. With the help of these, you can get all kinds of legendary items for free in the game.

This game has captivated many players, including my team, and with good reason. Heroes Quest is an extremely enjoyable and addictive game, however it becomes quite challenging if you do not have legendary items.

This is why we have compiled this Heroes Quest redeem code list so that you can claim items for free and without spending any money from your pocket.

Without further ado, let us find out the latest Heroes Quest redeem code for you to activate in the game.

Heroes Quest Redeem Code List

Here you can find all the latest working Heroes Quest redeem code – claim them before they expire!

  • Hero666 – Redeem this Heroes Quest gift code and get amazing rewards.
  • Quest 888 – Use this Heroes Quest gift code and get amazing rewards.
  • TALK2108 – Redeem this Heroes Quest gift code and get amazing rewards.
  • TALK0807 – Use this Heroes Quest gift code and get amazing rewards.


  • You can use this Heroes Quest redeem code list only once in the game.
  • Both Android & iOS users can get rewards after redeeming these codes.
  • Creator codes may not work in some regions, i.e. they may be applicable to certain countries only.
  • Moreover, all these codes are case-sensitive, so take a special note of it as well.

Heroes Quest Redeem Code

Heroes Quest: AFK Explorer Game Features

Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is a charming anime-style idle RPG that you may play whenever and wherever you like. This game, set in mythological Greece, portrays a group of youthful heroes struggling against the evil dominion of the gods. They’ve started out on a mission to find the world’s final hope – Pandora’s Box – and they’re buzzing with ambition.

Idle System & Expedition

With Quick Expedition, you can still earn materials while offline and away from the game for a few hours. The auto-battle mechanism allows your heroes to fight on their own bringing you plenty of resources the next time you get into Heroes’ Quest. Hero cultivation has never been this easier!

Turn-based Strategy

Arrange your hero lineups tactically to win on the battlefield! These heroes come from different races who can mutually restrain each other, yet they are in desperate need of a chief to lead them to victory! Effortlessly, you can lead the troops, take the field and win glory!

Card Collection

Be a hero summoner! Make friends with new heroes in the tavern, widen your horizon and complete your hero index!

Hero Rebirth

Change your hero lineup anytime you want! The rebirth of heroes returns all consumed materials – you won’t have to worry about the waste of materials anymore!

Victor Gem

The 5 highest level heroes will become the Victor Priests automatically. The heroes placed in the Victor Gem slot will be directly leveled up to the shared level of Victor Gem slot!

Abundant Gameplay in Guilds

Unity brings victory! Together with your guild mates, defeat all enemies who stand in your way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Heroes Quest Redeem Code?

You must follow these instructions if you want to get a reward from these Heroes Quest code list for free. If you don’t follow it properly, you may not get the reward in the game.

  1. Step 1: First, Open the game in your device.
  2. Step 2: Then, tap on ‘Avatar’ icon displayed on the main screen.
  3. Step 3: Now Scroll down and look for gift code section.
  4. Step 4: Then press the ‘Gift Code’ button and enter the codes we provided above.
  5. Step 5: Finally, click on the ‘Confirm’ button, and you will be rewarded with free items.

What are Heroes Quest Gift Code?

Gift codes are free promotional codes that may be used to redeem prizes and extra bonuses. The creators prefer to provide them for promotional purposes or as a reward for returning players. Gamers will obtain rare items like as gold and special packs for free after successfully redeeming one of these codes.

Can I get Heroes Quest Redeem Code for free?

You certainly can. This Heroes Quest code list is available for free on our website. We decided to help the players of Heroes Quest: AFK Explorer by listing free codes to redeem in the game.

How to download updated Heroes Quest game?

The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store website.

Title – Heroes’ Quest:AFK Explorer

Publisher – EYOUGAME(USS)

Genre – Card

File Size – 490M

Play StoreHeroes Quest

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