Four Elements Trainer Cheats 2021 (Latest Commands)

Players are looking for the Four Elements Trainer cheats that can be used to advance quickly in the game. The Four Elements Trainer is a large project set in the worlds of Avatar: The Last Air bender and The Legend of Korra. Moreover, it will consist of four separate games combined into one. There will be plenty of characters, adventures, stories, battles, and puzzles to solve along the way. ​

With the help of these Four Elements Trainer cheats, players can do a lot of interesting things in the game. Some players are finding it hard to get the latest cheat codes. If you are also having trouble finding the latest and working Four Elements Trainer cheats, then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In this post, we will share with you a complete list of Four Elements Trainer cheats console commands that will make this game interesting for you.

New Four Elements Trainer Cheats

Making your work easier, we have compiled a list of all cheats that players can use in Four Elements Trainer game.

  • Open the file 00console.rpy (FourElementsTrainer\renpy\common\)
  • Find the line config.console = False and replace it by config.console = True
  • Now open the game and press Shift + o while playing to open the console

Four Elements Trainer Console Commands Book 1

  • katara_aff =
  • kpubwalk =
  • krespect =
  • money = Type the money you want
  • potions =
  • Waterbending =

Four Elements Trainer Console Commands Book 2

  • total_girls =
  • used_girls =
  • fmoney = Type the money you want
  • food =
  • morality =
  • aslut =
  • apublic =
  • azula_aff =
  • mai_aff =
  • potions =
  • crab_potions =

Four Elements Trainer Console Commands Book 3

  • .bk3_lifepotions =
  • store.bk3_manapotions =
  • toph_aff =
  • emoney = Type the money you want
  • obsidian = 100
  • bk3_wood = 100
  • bk3_steel = 100
  • bk3_player_life = 1000
  • bk3_accuracy = 100
  • bk3_evade = 100
  • renpy.call_in_new_context (“meangirls_reward”) = restart the event for the reward scene
  • bk3_level = 20
  • bk3_hp = 1000
  • crab1_hp = 10000
  • enemy_crab1_hp = 1
  • enemy_crab2_hp = 1
  • enemy_crab_hp = 1
  • crab1_move2 = True
  • crab1_move3 = True
  • crab1_move4 = True
  • crab1_acc = 100
  • crab1_att = 100 (For other crabs, replace crab1 with crab2, crab3, etc.)
  • crab1_def = 100
  • crab1_level = 99 (max lvl)

Four Elements Trainer Console Commands Book 4

  • bk4_money = Type the money you want
  • korra_resist =
  • korra_moral =

Console Commands for the Four Elements Trainer Pregnancy is currently only available for Book 2 and Book 3.

Four Elements Trainer Pregnancy Book 2

Requirements = Love Route and choosing to stay with Azula or Mai. Also, be here the night before you propose her in the game.

Remember that the cheat or console command changes depending on the character you choose:

  • mai_preg = True or mai_preg = True
  • azula_preg = True or mai_preg = True

Four Elements Trainer Pregnancy Book 3

Joo Dee (only in slave route): Firstly, you have to complete her training, then visit her personally and use the following cheat codes:

  • joodee_insem = True or joodee_insem = False

Katara (only in the love route): Use the cheat codes only during the date with her or also when you visit her after the date.

  • katara_c*m_inside = True or katara_c*m_inside = False ( * =u)

Toph (only in love route): The choice will be permanent to use this cheat code.

You will stay with top for the night, she will wake up and ask you. If you say yes, then she will be pregnant.

  • totf_preg = True or totf_preg = False

How to get the latest Four Elements Trainer cheats?

To get new codes for Four Elements Trainer, you will have to follow  visit this page from time to time. We will keep you updated about new cheat codes when they are out.

If you spot any new Four Elements Trainer or find ones that are no longer working, please let us know below in the comments. For more content like this, please check out our list of Zgirls Codes Wiki and PK XD Code Wiki.

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