Blade and Soul 2 Tier List 2021 – Best outfit guide

Blade and Soul 2 tier list is going to be the main agenda of this article. With some help from our Blade and Soul 2 tier list, you will soon know which outfit is best for your character and why in this action packed game.

Players in Blade and Soul 2 have an almost infinite number of combinations to choose from. As a result, it becomes extremely difficult for players to pick one outfit. That is why we have decided to help you by creating this updated Blade and Soul 2 tier list guide.

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Blade and Soul 2 Tier List

You must also choose the player’s race while creating the character. Your character’s race determines his or her battle style; here are the three races in Blade and Soul 2 listed from greatest to worst.

  • Gon +++
  • Jin ++
  • Lyn +

So, without any further delay, let’s get into our Blade and Soul 2 tier list.

  • Sunset +++++
  • Fighting Spirit ++++
  • Extreme Crimson +++
  • Wings of Glory ++
  • Heavenly Sage +

There are five different outfits to choose from in this Blade and Soul 2 tier list. Each outfit has its own set of unique abilities and powers, but the secret to the best Blade and Soul 2 outfit is matching the best outfit with the best matched race.

Now it’s time that you go choose and build the best outfit using this Blade and Soul 2 tier list.

Blade and Soul 2 tier list

Blade and Soul 2 Guide

Blade and Soul 2 is a traditional follow-up to the successful MMORPG game “Blade and Soul.” NCsoft has developed the game, and the game can be played in any latest mobile and PC devices.


One of the most difficult decisions that players make when embarking on a new MMO is deciding on their character’s race and class. Once you reach endgame, knowing which races and skill sets are destined to dominate in an imbalanced game is critical. Since choosing one set of abilities over another frequently shuts out exciting and intriguing choices later on.


Blade and Soul, as an action-MMORPG, mixes two fighting styles: reactive, situational actions and class- and skill-based actions. Blade and Soul’s 2 combat is deeper and richer than anything else presently available in the genre, since it effectively bridges the gap between a fighting game and an MMO.


Free items will be awarded to you if you complete daily dashes and complete in-game surveys. There isn’t a single MMO player on the planet who doesn’t enjoy the idea of getting free stuff, and you’ll have plenty of chances to do so early on. It’s a quick and easy method to earn extra coins, expensive healing items, keys, and unsealing charms.

That’s all you need to know about this Blade and Soul 2 tier list guide. We’ll make sure this list is maintained up to date as Blade and Soul 2 receives new upgrades and balancing adjustments on a regular basis.

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